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Amanda McTigue


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“Quirky characters, intimate stories, local humor and sadness (all written in note-perfect “home-talk”) capture the lilting cadences of the best of Southern writing, both its poetic and its Gothic elements. Just as you wipe away your tears of compassion, like a stand-up comedienne, McTigue has you weeping with laughter.”

“What The Help did for the Deep South, Going to Solace does for Appalachia. McTigue’s not-soon-to-be-forgotten characters belie Southern stereotypes as they struggle with life’s great ending moment.”

“When the people in our lives bring out the best in us, community functions at its optimum. Through their connection with a hospice, the characters in Going to Solace, each in their own way, discover a resilience in themselves of which they were unaware, spurring them to take on challenges they previously thought impossible. Amanda McTigue masterfully sets us down in a small town in the South, where we see in each of her characters reflections of our own capacity for caring, forgiveness, and integrity.”

Going to Solace is an exhilarating work, full of notes exquisitely rendered with empathy and humor. It makes blood rush to the head and heart, just like the fresh mountain air its characters breathe.”

You are not alone. That's the message every hospice worker brings to those facing terminal illness—and it's the take-away from this wonderful book. I was so grateful to laugh and cry with these characters. This is writing infused not only with a sense of humor, but also a “sense of human,” a quality I deeply admire in my colleagues in terminal care.”

“There’s sleight-of-hand here, don’t miss it. Beneath the surface, the author welcomes us (all of us) by playing with assumptions about race, ability and cultural heritage. Others’ stories become ours, multiple stories become one, exploring what happens when we’re brought together under the terrible, leveling shadow of death.”

Going to Solace is one of the most beautifully written novels I've read in quite a while. I consider this book to be not just fiction, but a true work of literature.”

David Robert Ord

Editorial Director, Namaste Publishing;

Author, Your Forgotten Self

Karen Kenney,

Hospice of the Valley, Phoenix, AZ

Carol Benet, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus, comparative literature; book club leader, San Francisco Bay Area

Lynne D. Morrow Ph.D. Professor, Music and American Culture, Sonoma State University

Robert Kertzner, M.D. Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, University of California, San Francisco

Frances Caballo

Principal, ACT Communications

Waights Taylor, Jr. Author,  Our Southern Home

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