Some of you know me. Some are checking in for the first time. Let me tell you a little about myself.

I write fiction. A novel. Stories. Another novel on the way. Amanda_McTigue_Loses_It

Here’s a recent, very generous profile from my hometown paper, The Press Democrat, written by veteran journalist and arts-supporter Diane Peterson  

Like most of you, my life path does’t look anything like an autobahn on the map of life. Instead, it zigs and zags. There’s no trace of a bee line, but there is palpable evidence of a through line: words.

My father’s people were Irish-American; my mother’s went generations deep in the Deep South. We’re talking talkers here, two families of talkers who couldn’t abide each other’s talk. Catholic vs. Protestant, Northern vs. Southern, they were immigrants in-law’ed to immigrants, each family claiming cultural authenticity while denying the same to the other. Amanda_McTigue_reads_Copperfields_2013

No surprise, after college, I began writing for talkers, that is, writing for actors on the stage. My works for the stage have been produced in venues ranging from Carnegie Hall to the WonderHorse Theatre, from Tokyo Disney Sea to the Minnesota Opera.

I also write for readers. Going to Solace is my first novel, published in 2012 by HD Media Press.

A second novel is in draft. Tentatively titled Monkey Bottom, it picks up a couple of decades before Going to Solace begins and takes us from the Appalachian mountains to the Sierra Maestra mountains of Cuba arriving at a watershed moment: December, 1956. Stay tuned for this ship-of-fools adventure.

In the meantime, I’ve got a collection of stories coming out  with a topical spin, working title: This is Not Water; Tales from the Intersection of Love and Catastrophe. The stories take many forms—folk tales, black comedies, domestic dramas, romantic idylls—all set against a backdrop of natural (and sometimes supernatural) disaster.

Thanks for welcoming my work into your life simply by nosing around on this website. Keenly aware of the bounty that surrounds us, the excellence that calls to us at every moment, I’m grateful to connect with you here and, I hope, on my pages.   Amanda-McTigue-Young-Reader  

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