Trailer & Videos

I hope you’re getting the idea now: I’m a DIY gal who comes from DIY roots. Here’s the trailer for my debut novel Going to Solace. You’ll see my mom’s rug-hooking and some paintings of the Blue Ridge done by members of my family and friends. The original music was written by one of my best friends.


And here’s footage from my official book launch at Book Passage in Corte Madera, California courtesy of Left Coast Writers. The nicest people came. Mitch Thomas brought his banjo and led us on a sing-along. A killer evening.


And as a bonus, here’s the video I put together from the east coast book tour I undertook when Going to Solace first came out in 2012, swinging me from Providence, Rhode Island to Atlanta, Georgia. The novel takes place over the course of Thanksgiving week. My publisher timed the launch of the book so that I could be in my hometown with it on Thanksgiving day. In this off-the-cuff footage, you can see the kinds of people, the inventiveness and generosity that my novel celebrates. Once again, the music is by a friend, Rob Perez. It’s a bit long at five minutes, but if you want to know what a writer is lucky enough to experience once her work gets out into readers’ hands, here’s a glimpse:


And while we’re at it, if you’re a writer and need a laugh, here’s my tongue-in-cheek how-to on a book tour. This was shot as I prepped my rental car in Providence, Rhode Island with my sister and my niece…